Basic guide to buying a new laptop

There are many options availbe on the market which means there something out there for everyone. While this is a good thing this may make it difficult to pick which one out of the abundance of devices available. Our purpose here is to make that process easier for you. This will be done by giving you all the essential peices of information you may need when making a purchase.


The budget you have available determines a big fact in which device you will be able to purchase. Generally speaking the higher performance machines tend to be higher end of on the price scale. However this isn’t set in stone as you could purchase refurbished or used laptops for a significantly lower price. The downside being that you dont get the charm of a brand new device. With that being said buying a refurbished or used laptop isnt it a bad option as it gives those who do not want to spend a load of money on a new machine.

Operating system.

After or before the budget is set you may or may not have an idea on which operating system you will choose. Generally people go for the system they were using on their prevouse unless they want to change or do not have a device before.

When deciding between operating systems there is a common popular decsion between Mac and windows. Both operating systems are popular and widely used with both having their different strong points. In terms of budget the Mac model tend to start at a higher price than Windows with the exception to refurbished and used models.

In terms of flexibility then windows is the best options. There is a far larger amount of choice of laptops and brands in the Windows operating system than Mac. This gives you flexiblity in budget, performance and many other things.

The mac operating system is a little similar to windows but has its own unique and completely different design.


If you want a laptops that runs fast and smoothly then there are a few key points in the laptop specification you should keep your eye on. Specifically this is the Ram. There are some laptops that come with 4gb RAM which is standard but not entirely great. Anything above 8gb and above will have you laptop running smoothy while you multi-task.

Another large influence of the speed of the laptop is a processor. There are many types of proccessors availbe in the market which may prove confusing however here are some you may come across.

Intel core proccor i3,i5,i7,i9 are all good for performance with the later versions being faster.

Intel penium and celeron are slower than the intel core but is managble for basic tasks and exploring the internet. In term of multitasking it may not be as smooth or as fast as the intel core processor.

Amd proccesors are also ok’ish and tend to be found in cheaper laptops but are ok for basic web surfing and writing documents.

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